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Organized 31 - $1 New Boys Tee Upcycled into a Skirt
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I found this clearance long-sleeve t-shirt in the boys section for $.97. Genuinely!

I put on anywhere from a girls’s size steadman end table 4 to steadman end table size 8 (don’t you hate that clothes sizes are not standardized?!). This XL boys tee produced a not-also-tightly-fitting skirt for me.
I had observed a terrific tutorial on Make It &amp Adore It . Astoria Grand When I saw the $.97 t-shirt, I figured I’d give the tutorial a attempt. I’m not a confident seamstress, but for $.97, I figured why not.
steadman end table
Hey, did I mention it was only $.97?

Repurposing a T-shirt into an Upcycled Skirt

I followed the Make It &amp Enjoy It tutorial, but here are my changes.
I cut the t-shirt as close to the armpits as I could (I’m a modest mom of teens, so I didn’t want a short quick skirt).
Because it was a lengthy-sleeve t-shirt, I decided to use the sleeves steadman end table as the waistband (plus, I couldn’t sacrifice any of the length of the skirt to make the waistband). I cut the sleeve off the shirt, reduce the Astoria Grand cuff off the sleeve and then reduce the sleeve into an even band. If a single sleeve isn’t extended enough to make the waistband, just sew the two cropped sleeves together and then cut that down to the size waistband you need to have.
I have in no way sewn anything but a straight stitch and I wasn’t brave enough to try a zigzag stitch yet. I just sewed two rows of straight stitching close collectively. (So far, it’s held up fine).
Spend attention when you attach the waistband to the skirt. I did it backwards so the completed seam was inside the skirt and had to rip the complete seam out (each rows of stitching!) and redo it. Ugh!
The second time around I got it right. Whew.
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It’s super comfy and the fantastic summer time skirt. If you spend consideration when attaching the waist band, it definitely is an quick sewing project. I’m pretty satisfied with the comfy, cute result. And did I mention that it was Astoria Grand only $.97!
Organized 31 - $1 New Boys Tee Upcycled Skirt
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