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My weblog pal, Nancy from Smaller Things with Love is right here now to help me with my move.  She’s sharing one of her inspirational projects.  You could don’t forget that Nancy inspired me with her Crazy Coasters and her Felt Cow Notebook Hugger.  I just really like Nancy’s simple but so gorgeous crafts!  After seeing her gorgeous and uncomplicated wreath, I’m guessing you may perhaps see another Susan-copies-Nancy project soon.

Hello!  I am Nancy from Smaller Issues with Love where I blog about all things inventive.  I am so honored that Susan is enabling me to share a tiny project with you nowadays.  Even though I have yet to meet Susan in person, she is a dear bloggy buddy of mine, who I have grown to respect and trust in current mannford coffee table months.  we met in a mentorship class and it has been entertaining to watch her weblog develop–and continue to develop.  Right now she is one busy mannford coffee table lady these days, so I hope me posting and sharing here nowadays eases the stress a tiny bit!

Pinterest has exposed me to a lot of stunning points, but far more than something I have identified a outstanding number of wonderful wreaths there.  I have created just a few wreaths more than my crafting ten-year.  A couple of days ago I was inspired to make another wreath employing scraps of fabric I had laying around my craft area.

Foam Wreath Type
Fabric Scraps
Hot Glue Gun

Step mannford coffee table 1: Wrapping the wreath.  I reduce 2″ strips of fabric to wrap my wreath.  For this mannford coffee table component I made use of an old sheet that had torn and I didn’t have the heart to throw out.  I hot glued to ends down to the back of the wreath and allowed the fabric to fold as I wrapped.

Step 2: Creating the flowers
When again, I did this with just scrap fabric and a hot glue gun.  First, cut the fabric into 1″ strips.  The strips don’t need to be quite long.  Then, twist a tiny ball at the end of the strip.  Glue this down to a different scrap of fabric.  Then, wrap and twist the remainder of the strip around the center, apply dabs of hot glue as you go.  As you can see, for some of my flowers I did more of a rolled appear for the center.

Finally, hot glue on the flowers and attach a mannford coffee table ribbon for hanging the wreath.
This is a straightforward enough project.  I like that it didn’t take me long to total and I like the rough look, like it is essentially created out of rags.
Thanks to Susan for letting me share with you now!  I’d enjoy to connect with you:

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