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My 2  oldest babies are my teenage daughters.  I quite a great deal knew what to count on in raising them. My youngest child is my ten-year old son.  He keeps surprising me with boy stuff. Things I don’t see coming.  Factors that are taking years off my life every time he surprises me.
One particular week-end when the weather was beautiful, we sent him outside to play.  I was busy with a complex chore upstairs  when my son opened the front property door and asked, “Dad, can I have a paper towel?”  My husband replied, “Sure, just a minute.”  A couple of seconds later my son asked in Woodhaven Hill a shaky voice, “Uh, Dad, could I have a paper towel now?”  My husband figured something was up.  He grabbed a paper towel and headed to Woodhaven Hill the front door.  I didn’t know any Woodhaven Hill of this was going on, all I heard was my husband frantically call my name.  I was tied up with my chore and yelled back, “What?”  He yelled back far more frantically, “We need you!”
Extended story quick.  My son had reduce each his thumb and his index finger with a pocket knife.  The paper towel was like making use of a tissue to mop up a flood.  We wrapped a towel about his hand and ran to the emergency area.
Anything is okay now, after stitches, a tetanus shot and three trips to the hand surgeon.
But for two weeks just after the ER trip, we had to clean and bandage his thumb and finger each evening.  I had a pile of supplies sitting on my counter that was driving me crazy.  Who requires a lot more stuff on their kitchen counter? And the pile was never this neat.
By the second day, when I could breate once again, I figured I had to corral all this stuff in one place.  It required to be temporary and very easily accessible.  The whole cleaning and bandaging method was stressful sufficient (there’s a purpose I didn’t go into the medical field) I needed to minimize any strain that I could.
I grabbed a plasctic box from my stash of repurposed meals packing containers…
Woodhaven Hill />
and, voila!
Organized31 - Bandaging Basket
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Everything was neatly contained in 1 spot on the counter.  The basket was uncomplicated to series coffee table grab and carry to the table exactly where series coffee table we each sat down for the process each evening.  And the ideal Woodhaven Hill element, after my son had the stitches removed, we could recycle the box and never ever consider about that course of action once again.  Whew.

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